Accounting Tools Spring 2000
Professor: Dr. Steven C. Thompson
Office: 106 Academic II
Telephone: (941) 590-7436 (office) ================== (941) 590-7300 (fax)
Web Page:
Book: Financial Accounting Basics (Second Edition) = By Smith & Birney
Course: Accounting Tools is an interactive computer course to supplement Core Concepts of Accounting I and II. The course is designed to examine accounting fundamentals from a double entry perspective. By doing so, it will help prepare you for the more advanced accounting courses that are part of the accounting curriculum.
Required Readings: Chapter 1 - The Accounting Equation ===== Chapter 2 - Analyzing Business Transactions == Chapter 3 - Transaction Analysis == == == == Chapter 4 - Recording Transactions in Journals Chapter 5 - Accrual Basis versus Cash Basis Chapter 6 - Preparing Adjusting Entries ==== Module 7 -- inventory A compilation of readings ==========from Chapters of 9,10, 12 ======= Module 8 -- Cash Flow - Readings Provided
Grading: At the end of each Chapter the student is required to take a chapter exam using a WebCT computer program. Accordingly, there will be 8 exams in this course. A student's grade will consist of the average of the highest 7 grades. All students who have completed the first 5 modules by April 1, will receive an additional 15 points added to their highest grade. All modules must be completed by April 20, 2000 at 12 (noon) to receive a grade for this course.